2024 Ronix Super Sonic Space Odyssey Kid's Skimmer Wakesurf Board

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The gateway kid’s skimmer to the endless summer.
The more durable and affordable kid’s skimmer to session easier spins. With 3 fins this board will track harder and feel more secure in the water than its Flyweight skimmer counterpart.
Made from a construction similar to our best selling wakeboards, line up this board is stronger than most kid’s surfers and is also easier to submerge for deep water starts. This board will help you perfect your ollie and session easier 360’s. Also comes with a performance award sticker pack with the various tricks that should be on any grom’s to do list.

Performance – Advanced /Intermediate
Construction – Super Sonic Less prone to dings, and more connection to the water.
Thickness – Thin Sits deeper with more contact with the water, relying more on the rail and less on the fin.
Rail – Hard High Speed carves for riders that like to jump on the gas.


+2 – 1.5” Alfred Fins
+1 – 2.3” Alfred Fins
+Machined EVA Front / Rear Pad
+Lava Resin
+Handmade by Robots
+Core Vents